Hi! I’m Aaron. Most people know me by my online handle pyraxo. I’m a typical student who spends most of his time in his room connected to the internet. I also watch anime on occasion.

For the past year, coding has become my hobby (almost an obsession). My main programming language is currently Node.js, but I have an ample grasp of Python and Ruby. I intend to learn Golang soon.

I’ve discovered a passion for designing systems and creating services for users. Thus, most of my current work revolves around designing and programming chat bots on Discord. Recently, I’ve also been diving into full stack development, machine learning and AWS cloud systems.

Offline, I am a music and anime enthusiast, albeit an easygoing one. As an INTJ, I enjoy days of solitude along with some music tracks, cookies and a glass of milk. Most people find me uninteresting as I possess little to no peculiar traits.

When I’m not grinding away in games, hitting keyboards or writing code, you can find me on Twitter, Discord or by email.

Check out my projects here.