Obligatory ‘Hello World!’ post.

I’ve started blogs before, with some containing as many as zero posts. For this I blame my lack of self-control. Personal blogs require a fair amount of maintenance and a tolerable standard of English, both of which I do not possess. Perhaps I’ve just always been a fan of the idea, that somebody was given access to my inner workings and mental processes.

Anyway, hello world! Welcome to my world. I suppose that, to you, my world now resembles a website based off a template that was generated and deployed by a Node.js program?

If you are a software developer (or however you wish to be referred to as), I’m sorry that there won’t be much tech talk here, I’m really just an amateur programmer that started almost exactly one year ago, writing chat bots on Discord. Heck, just explaining that to my friends who want to know what on earth I do in my free time is difficult enough (“No seriously, what is Discord? And what is a bot? You mean you program robots?“).

Otherwise, please take what I write and pass it off as the incessant ramblings of a certain transparent ghost. I’m just some random person on the internet, yo.

– a.